Time to focus: My top 5

By the end of my last post I decided that I needed to identify the things in life that I am pleased with to stop me worrying about the things that I’m not (I cannot deny that I always want more and find it hard to be content). So having thought about what my top 5 would be, here they are:

  1. Being a wife – I love being a wife and, to be honest, I’m still not used to being called one! There are so many times where Husband will refer to me as his wife and it still takes me by surprise. Do you ever get used to that? It isn’t one specific thing that gives me that gooey feeling but a culmination of things. I think I’m so lucky to have found that person so early in my life and we have already had so many amazing years together, with plenty more to come. I’m also immensely proud to be the wife of Husband. He is an incredible person and I’m often (unintentionally) boasting about him. Finally, there is a part of me that loves looking after and caring for people and being a wife lets me do that everyday, even if it is just by cooking dinner or buying his favourite shower gel.

    Katie and Alex-319

  2. My home – We bought our home two and a half years ago and I absolutely love it. It is a family home and I can’t wait to make so many memories here. We have also started to make it our own by redecorating and doing some home improvements; I love seeing the transformation of each room.


    A work in progress

  3. My job – I am an English Teacher in a secondary school and I get such a buzz from it. It is very challenging and some days I wonder why I didn’t just choose a 9-5 job sat in an office. But when all is said and done, it really is a rewarding job, and I love seeing my students grow as people.
  4. My friends and family – I have some bloody fabulous people in my life and I mustn’t forget to be grateful for them. They are all incredibly supportive, and although they don’t know about this blog, I know I can talk to them if I need them.

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So when you look at that list above, it really isn’t half bad and I think we sometimes get so wrapped up in negatives that we forget about all the positives in

So this will be my new mantra: Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life.


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