Yogatta try this!

First of all, excuse the pun (sometimes I amaze myself with my hilarity). But seriously, I wasn’t expecting to feel so good after trying yoga for the first time yesterday.

A fellow blogger recommended that I try a new hobby to distract myself from the constant stream of baby-making thoughts that run through my head on a daily basis. I’ve always been interested in yoga but have never actually tried it. In fact, I decided a while ago that when I’m pregnant I would start yoga to stay relaxed through the whole process. But I was forgetting that the process has already begun and being relaxed at this point in my journey is just as important as the rest of it. So I went for it. And I loved it!

Now, I’m not getting ahead of myself here. I’m quite aware that I’ve only tried it once so I do not profess to be any sort of know-it-all when it comes to this kind of exercise. But I can really understand why so many people are yoga mad.

How did I get started?

I have a yoga mat that I usually use when I do a HIIT workout at home (I say usually, I think the last time I did one Robbie Williams was still part of Take That) so I delved into the depths of the wardrobe and dusted it off. Having thrown on my leggings and an old t-shirt, I was ready to get my yoga on. One problem. No DVD. Not to worry though; one thing I love about the modern age is the trusty fountain of all knowledge – YouTube.

First search:

Yoga for beginners

It bought up a whole list of yoga experts looking absolutely gorgeous but every one I put on felt kind of intimidating, with the instructor sounding far too zen for a first-timer. I wanted something a little more ‘normal’.

So I sought the advice of my number one therapist – Google.

I came across a perfectly titled article – The 5 least annoying yoga instructors on YouTube. Exactly what I needed.

I decided to go with Adriene because the description made her sound like she knew what she was doing but would also have some fun with it. And she did not disappoint. She is very relaxing, and clearly very bendy, but she allows a little freedom with the movements so you don’t feel like you can’t keep up. My body clicked and creaked like never before but as a result I felt nicely stretched out and uber chilled.

I did day one of the 30 day challenge so, while I don’t think I’ll be able to do it everyday (for example I’m currently very hungover and the thought of hanging my head upside down makes me want to vom), I am going to try and make it part of my weekly routine so I can properly start to feel and enjoy the benefits.

I would highly recommend trying a bit of yoga if you haven’t done it before. I’m sure it isn’t for everyone but you don’t know until you try!




8 thoughts on “Yogatta try this!

  1. welcometothenursery says:

    I love that article from google! How brilliant that writer was!
    I love yoga as well – I’ve been doing it off and on for about 15 years (omg, I about died when I just typed that … holy crap I’m old!), and it’s the only exercise that makes me just feel wonderful. I have a lot of pain in my shoulders from carrying my 16mo around, so much so that it makes my fingers numb overnight, but yoga really helps. I’m so glad you’re enjoying yoga so far – I hope you stick with it!


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