Oh hey there Hello Fresh, I actually quite like you

So, funny story. A few months ago we had a knock at the door; it was a salesman for Hello Fresh trying to muster up some new business. I’d seen adverts for it on the TV and automatically assumed that it was a complete rip off and is designed for lazy people with too much money. I’m not afraid to admit I was wrong, and actually, doing Hello Fresh has given me something else to focus on and enjoy.
If anyone knocks at the door, I’m usually pretty blunt with them and politely say I’m not interested (that’s if I answer the door at all). But on this occasion, Husband answered the door. This is always a risky situation. My husband has the patience of a saint and is much more likely to give sales people the time of day as “they are only doing their job” (it is one of the reasons I love him), but he is also a sucker for signing up to things because he likes the guy selling it. So you can imagine what happened here. I’m there in the kitchen deliberately banging around shouting things like, “come on, dinner’s ready!” and “we’ve got stuff to do!” while Husband is being lured into the introductory offer that is too good to resist.

And that was it. The following week, we had our first Hello Fresh box delivered.

This is where I apologise for the judgements I made, and to the poor guy on the door step who was just earning his living, because I was so wrong!

You are basically given a recipe with instructions and the exact ingredients you need to make the meals (we opted for 3 a week). The meals vary each week and you have a choice of which ones you want – chicken, steak, burgers, sausages, pasta, rice, I could go on. The variety is great.


The recipe cards contain all the dietary info you need

I think I particularly like it because we like cooking but we tend to get into the rut of having the same meals every week, which can get pretty boring and means we don’t get to discover new things.


Everything is packaged well with freezer packs to keep the food fresh

So ‘why don’t you just get a recipe book, find new meals and buy it all yourself?’ I hear you ask. Well there are a number of reasons:

  1. Time. Researching new meals, watching cookery programmes on TV and reading recipe books can take aaaaaages and, to be honest, I’d rather be doing other things.
  2. Shopping. All I have to do is pick up for a few basic meals for the remaining days of the week and replenish the essentials, avoiding the chaos of Aldi for any extended period of time. Easy!
  3. Doing something together. As a couple, we look forward to choosing our meals, getting the delivery and cooking the dishes together. We’re both learning new things and we’re doing it together. Win win!
  4. Quantities. Lots of recipes require small amounts of specific ingredients, so If I were to shop for them myself, I’d end up buying a whole bag of something when I only need a teaspoon, and I won’t even know if I like it yet! This seems a bit wasteful. Of course, if I do like them, I’ll make the meals again but buy the ingredients myself as I know they will get used.hello fresh

Price wise, it isn’t cheap but you can delay the deliveries so you don’t have to have it every week. We paid £20 per week for the first 2 weeks and then £35 thereafter, which does seem a lot, but if you break it down, it is equivalent to £6 per person per meal. Doesn’t sound quite as bad and makes me feel better! We also only do it once a month so we are still trying new foods and we just remake the meals that we really like.

We have had our delivery for this week so I will post again with my thoughts on the meals.

Doing something like this is just another way to keep myself busy and focus on other enjoyable things in my life, rather than getting caught up in baby-making. I love food, perhaps a bit too much, so this is almost like another hobby for us.

I would definitely recommend!

Katie x


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