It’s a hat-trick from Hello Fresh

At the weekend I posted a review on Hello Fresh as it is something Husband and I enjoy doing once a month (you can see the post here). I promised to post again with what this week’s meals were so here it is! And just a reminder, I’m not being paid for this in any way – I just genuinely love it!

Meal 1: Chermoula Spiced Chicken with Courgette Rice and Lemon Yoghurt


So tasty!

I always get in late on a Monday as I teach Tae Kwon Do, so we often don’t eat dinner until about 9.30pm – I know… no good for my metabolism. Luckily for me, Husband was serving dinner up as I walked through the door (another secret reason I love HF – he can’t go wrong so will happily do the cooking!).

I’ve never heard of Chermoula before, and I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is, but I loved it! It was served on a bed of rice cooked with courgette, which I will definitely be making again as it was delicious. I feel like it is a revolutionary way to cook rice! You boil it for 10 minutes in stock then leave it to continue cooking in its steam by putting the lid on until it is soft and fluffy. It makes such a difference to plain boiled rice which can get quite boring. Anyway, enough of the rice. The lemon yoghurt on top balances out the flavours in the chicken and stops the meal being too dry. Perfect. I think this one will be on next week’s meal list. Winner!

Meal 2: Cajun Lemon Cod with Roasted Veggies


I love roasted veggies

At this point my week was looking pretty jammy; I had to attend a late night meeting on Tuesday so yet again, Husband was in the kitchen getting his cook on when I got home. I’m not rubbing it in… promise. The cod was flavoured beautifully and there was so many veggies including courgette, carrot and potatoes. Another winning meal that we will be having again.

Meal 3: Homemade Chorizo Calzone Packed with Veggies


Look at that cheeeeeese!

Ok so I am actually salivating writing about this one. I could eat it all again right now.

Husband was working a night shift on Wednesday so it was my turn to cook while he slept (I can’t complain can I?) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so easy to make but it was definitely the tastiest of the week. I chopped the veggies (leeks, pepper, onion and cherry tomatoes), put them in the oven, fried the chorizo, rolled out the dough, spread over the tomato puree, filled each one with the veg and meat, topped with mozzarella and herbs, closed it up and cooked it in the oven. Done. Finished. Finnito.


Prepping the veggies

It was as tasty as a take out and it takes a lot for me to say that. I don’t know why I have never thought of making calzone at home before! This will become a regular on the meal list I reckon.

So there it is, a little taster (see what I did there?) of HF meals. I don’t want to wait a whole month for another delivery now!

Katie x

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