Update: No joy in June

in June

I haven’t posted for a while, simply because I’m trying not to obsess too much about baby-making (easier said than done).

But as AF has graced me with her very unwelcome presence again, it is time for an update.

I have to admit, this month has perhaps been the easiest yet. After Husband came back from his holiday, I realised how much I missed him and that reminded me of why we’re trying to make a baby in the first place: we love each other! I think I forgot this for a while. Wait, this makes me sound like a terrible wife. Of course I didn’t forget that I love my Husband, but I was so focused on the fact we were trying to get pregnant that I wasn’t enjoying just being together. So this month was much different and I have felt so much more relaxed, which is always helpful when trying to conceive (so I’ve heard).

I was late again this month though which is obviously a slight mind fuck. Although I knew I wasn’t pregnant as I had zero other symptoms, there is still that little part inside me that was hopeful.

However, with all this being said, the title of this post isn’t entirely true. There are always positives to find:

  1. This month was a 31 day cycle not 40 days like last time – woo hoo!
  2. I can get involved in Pub Golf, which we’ll be playing for Husband’s birthday next week.
  3. Another period bring another month of trying 😉

Let the baby journey continue!

Katie x


4 thoughts on “Update: No joy in June

  1. bringinguptheberneys says:

    Aw, I’m sorry to hear AF came 😦 but I completely understand what you mean about forgetting the love as such. TTC can just take full control of your mind sometimes! I do hope your month comes soon for you. x


  2. Nin says:

    Love how positive you’re being. It WILL happen! Do you track ovulation, basal body temp, etc? I really came to know my cycle through that. When I was pregnant with both girls I definitely just knew. Sending all the good babymaking juju your way! 😁


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