One Two Testing…

A few people have recommended that I use ovulation tests to monitor my cycle while we are trying to get pregnant. At first I was a little reluctant. I didn’t want to become this crazy woman, peeing on sticks every time I went to the loo and being obsessed with seeing those two little lines. But, if it is going to help us get pregnant, then I’d be silly not to. And it is already paying off.

I ordered the ones that are apparently used by the NHS – if they’re good enough for them then they’ll be good enough for me. I already use an app on my phone called Flo that predicts my of ovulation and I have been relying on that quite a lot over the last few months. Big mistake! If this month is anything to go on, it is highly inaccurate!


Flo predicted that my day of ovulation would be on day 16. I started testing on day 15. Negative. Day 16. Negative. Day 17. Negative. Today is day 18 and guess what? Negative? So I’ve either already ovulated this month and it was super early or I will be ovulating a lot later than expected. Usually we wouldn’t be ‘trying’ by now as we would have thought that the window had already passed.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a slight part of me that is worried about why I am not ovulating yet. Is there something wrong? Does one of my ovaries not work? Are my hormones out of balance? The questions are running around my brain like Mo bloody Farah. I’m trying to stay calm though and take each day as it comes.

Anyone else experienced this before? Any advice?

Katie x


4 thoughts on “One Two Testing…

  1. itsamumslife2017 says:

    I’m sorry I can’t be of any help as I’ve never used ovulation sticks but my guess would be keep trying for this month/ next find a time you are actually ovulating and then next time check that it’s the same time again…. does that make any sence?? The whole ovulating, date of conception in relation to last period thing has always confused me. Good luck hun tho xx


  2. anonymousmoma says:

    Hi Readytomum!
    I am one who’s used ovulation tests after trying for 13 months without them. I have irregular periods and I can honestly vouch for them (LH surge tests)! I also became really aware with my cervical fluid, I’m not sure if you’ve read up on this but it’s definitely something to look into! My first time being “in-tune” with my body & using ovulation tests I got pregnant within 6 weeks. (I say 6 weeks cos that’s how long I used them before I got a positive test!) And that was testing every now and then. By the time I had actually come up to ovulation I had slacked off and the only reason I ended up taking the test was because of my cervical mucus! So again I think these two together work a treat! All the absolute best of luck and I hope my ramble on actually helped in some way lol xx


    • readytomum says:

      Thank you! It’s so good to hear that it does work. I still haven’t had a positive test this month so perhaps I was really early or maybe I’m still not ovulating after coming off the pill. Who knows! I’ll keep tracking next month and see what the tests say then. I’ve not read about cervical fluid so I will definitely look into this too. Thank you for the advice! X


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