Busy busy busy – How I am keeping my mind off babies

A week ago I published my summer to-do list and so far I am super pleased with how much I have accomplished. I’m not very good at doing nothing. It puts me in a bad mood and I feel huge sense of guilt if I haven’t achieved anything for a day. Plus, the more time I spend with my own thoughts, the more time I spend thinking about getting pregnant, which just turns me into a crazy baby-obsessed nightmare. It is no good for anyone, trust me.

So, as soon as I broke up from school, I got stuck into decorating our house. I love my house but since moving in two years ago, we haven’t put much effort into making it our own (yes we have been pretty lazy). That has now changed! Husband’s man cave actually looks like a man cave instead of a magnolia room with a sofa, TV and a sign that says ‘man cave’.


The en suite bathroom has a splash of colour.


The bedroom, hallway, utility room and kitchen have been brightened up and we have added some finishing touched to bring the summer inside.


It really is amazing how much some new surroundings can lift your spirits. Yes it has been bloody hard work and I never want to see another flippin’ paintbrush ever again. BUT I’m so much prouder of our home now and the sense of achievement is incredible. It has kept me busy and has given me something to put my efforts into.

I can’t recommend doing some housey things enough if you are trying to conceive, especially if you do have days at home on your own like me.

No I’m trying to think of what else I can do for the next 4 weeks!


Katie x


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