Summerrrr? Helloooo? Are you out there?

Sometimes, when you’re feeling a bit down, a bit of sunshine can do wonders. But it is only possible when the sunshine actually exists. I mean come on Mother Nature, what the bloody ‘el do you think you’re playing at? I am currently sat on my sofa staring out my window looking at the pissing rain. This is what summer is becoming here in England. Depressing or what?

Every year, in the week before I go on holiday, I get in that holiday mood. I love it. The run up is (almost) just as exciting as the holiday itself. So instead of moaning and ranting about the inexistent rain, I’ve been spending this week doing my holiday preparations. It is a good distraction, keeps me busy, and although the sun isn’t actually shining, I get to pretend it is.

So here is my holiday prep list. They are my must-dos before I jet off and get me all excited for the week ahead.

  1. Hair cut
    There is nothing quite like a fresh trim. Got to be hair-ready for the million holiday selfies that I take.
  2. Hair dye
    Bright hair is my thing. I’ve always been red but recently I fancied a change and have delved into the world of purple. I love the Live hair dyes. The colour always comes out well and I don’t get roots as it tends to fade quite evenly.


  3. Face mask
    I recently saw something on Facebook about a new Aldi mud mask that was being compared to the GlamGlow mud mask which is £32 more. So obviously I had to try it. It really does make your skin feel fantastic and gives you that fresh faced feeling. Winning!


  4. Tan
    I am pale. So pale in fact that sometimes my skin has a blue tinge to it. Not a good look on me. And if I’m going to be out and about in a bikini, I want to feel confident doing it. I don’t really do those fake tans that you have to wear for hours before washing off though. Instead I use Dove’s gradual tanner. It smells nice, builds a nice looking tan and is so much easier than having to look like an oompa loompa all day until you can wash it off.Tip: Use the medium to dark skin version even if you are pale. It is so much better!


  5. Bikini wax
    Let’s be honest, no one wants to see runaway hairs peeking out when you’re sunbathing.
  6. Nails
    I love doing nails and have recently purchased myself some new gel colours. (I don’t use normal nail polish anymore as it just chips straight away.) I can’t wait to try them but I’m forcing myself to wait until later in the week so they are fresh for the weekend. It is killing me! These ones were only £16 for the lot. Gotta love Ebay.


  7. Lashes
    Is it just me or is putting make up on when you’re getting ready to go out for a meal on holiday a ball ache? It is too hot and sticky to be faffing about so I’m hoping having fabulous lashes will make getting ready a whole lot easier. This is the first time I’ve had them done professionally and I’m quite pleased.
  8. Book buying
    On holiday I read like a mad woman. You just can’t beat lazing by the pool with a book in hand and I always end up whizzing through them. Particularly excited about these new buys!


  9. Playlist
    All it takes is one song to change your mood, so I’ve started compiling a list of my favourite summery songs that just scream holiday. Just give me a cocktail and I’m practically in the Bahamas. Bliss.


Problem is, when you get in the mood too much, all you want to do is pop the Prosecco and go out for dinner. Must. Think. About. Waistline.


Katie x


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