Another month bites the dust 

We have not yet hit the jackpot in the great game of baby-making. Another month bought with it another visit from that good old AF. Flo, I thank you for the visit but really, I’m happy to spend some time apart. Perhaps it is time to take a break from our relationship and go our separate ways for a while.

Ok I’m being far too polite. AF would you bloody well piss off!

I’m really trying my hardest not to worry but I am a little concerned. I used ovulation tests from day 15 last month and according to those, I didn’t ovulate at all.

So many questions even Google can't answer

Why? Here come the 100 questions whizzing around my brain like Harry on the Quidditch pitch.

Is there something wrong with my ovaries?

Is the pill still in my system?

Am I testing wrong?

Did I test too late?

How much longer am I going to have to wait?

The list goes on.

So this month I am going to test every day of my cycle and we will see if I have any luck. Anyone else had this problem before?

K x





6 thoughts on “Another month bites the dust 

  1. TJ Fox says:

    My advice is probably way too old to be relevant (16 years and 14 years ago), but with MC (middle child), we really started before the pill had completely worked itself out of my system and it seemed to take forever to get pregnant. If I recall correctly, the longer you had been on the pill, then the longer you should give it to work out of your system.

    I also learned that when doing ovulation testing, starting several days before I thought I’d ovulate, and test until well after the time for ovulation passed, at least until I got used to what the tests showed (they were never as clear cut as a pregnancy test) helped me to settle my nerves and understand what was going on.

    Stress and worry are always harsh on a person when you are trying to get pregnant. I know the whole “relax and let it happen” mindset seems harsh and impossible when you want it so badly, but it is also absolutely true. Stress can mess with your hormones and cycle, which makes it harder to judge where you are in your cycle.

    Not sure if any of that helped, just my experience, dated as it is. Good luck on this journey!


    • readytomum says:

      Thank you for your advice! It is nice hearing from people who have gone through it and have obviously come out the other side.

      I have heard similar things from other people about being on the pill for so long and I had been on it for 9 years so I suppose it is just going to take some time and I need to accept that. It really is hard when you feel so ready though. And in terms of testing, I think I will try what you did for a few months to try and work out what is happening. At the moment though, there is just hardly anything showing up 😦

      I’m managing my stress levels better now than I was but I think it has helped being off work for the summer!

      Fingers crossed I won’t be waiting too much longer 🙂


      • TJ Fox says:

        If you go a few months with very little to show in the testing, then don’t wait to talk to your doctor. There may not be anything wrong, but it will, hopefully, put you in a place to alleviate any worries you may have.

        Until then, maybe think about trying out a couple of different brands of testing (you are in the UK, so I have no clue what options you have as I’m in the US) because you may find that one is easier to work with than another. Again, my experience is dated, but when I was using kits, they gradually showed darker the closer I got to ovulation, but most of the time still showed very faint until it suddenly showed dark, then dropped off quickly after that, so we are talking a very small window of time.

        It may take a bit of time to get your feet under you through this, but it will settle.


      • readytomum says:

        Thank you I’ll bear that in mind. I am currently using the ones the NHS uses so thought they might be the most reliable but there is no harm in trying a few different brands.

        It is hard to tell too because I had a random day where it was a darker line than usual but it still wasn’t as dark as the control line which it should be. Strange.

        Hoping I get my head around it soon!


      • TJ Fox says:

        It could have been a possible indication of ovulation, but not necessarily high hormones, which is what the test is checking for. Basically that ovulation occurred but conditions weren’t right for any potential pregnancy to take. And hormone levels and production are affected by stress, so that could have played a part. It is also just as likely that you missed the window and just caught a hormone blip. It took a little bit of time, but I finally got the hang of what those little tests were telling me. You’ll get there.


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