Turning 26

I’ve always loved my birthday. I think there’s a number of reasons for that really. First of all, we always end up eating out which is a favourite pastime of mine. Secondly, Husband and I make time for each other on our birthdays and usually go away somewhere for it. And thirdly, it usually lands just before school starts back up (4th Sep) so I get one last thing to look forward to before going back to work.

I seem to have stretched my day of celebration out this year (what’s wrong with that?). I do tend to milk it, not going to lie.

Last weekend I went out for a curry with my family followed by drinks and games. Right up my street.

Monday was my birthday so I regressed for the day and visited Harry Potter Studios with the Husband, followed by dinner and drinks in Milton Keynes. Epic day.


The Husband made cocktails in the hotel room 😀

Tuesday was spent shopping. #winning

Wednesday was back to work. Bummer.

BUT tonight is my birthday night out. Wooh! I really can’t complain.

This year has been a tad harder than usual though. I was hoping that by the time I was 26 I would at least be pregnant. I’m now nearer to 30 than 20! Aaaah! Saying that, the number has never really bothered me. It is more about where I am in my life by that point which I’m more concerned with. And I suppose I’m not doing bad. I own a house, have my dream job, I’m married and I’m very happy. Very much having to channel this positivity lately.

So here’s to another year. As my lovely friend wrote in my birthday card, 26 is going to be my year!

Bring it on.

K x


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