Summer to do list

So I’ve been back at work for a week and a half now. Summer is well and truly gone *whimpers*.

I remembered that I had written a whole list of what I wanted to achieve over the holidays and I haven’t yet returned to it to see if I managed it, hence this post. Here we go.

  1. Write my summer to-do list. Check.
  2. Clean my oven. Check. This was a very random one but it was a long time coming.
  3. Re-decorate Husband’s man cave. Check. I am so pleased with how this turned out. Husband LOVES it and I’m very proud of my handy work. Pictures here.
  4. Re-decorate the bathrooms and the utility room. Check.
  5. Buy a dressing table. Negative. I decided against this idea and instead made the ensuite a little more organised.
  6. Lose a few pounds and get in better shape. This DID NOT happen. I’m still working on it.
  7. See friends. Check.
  8. Go on holiday. Turkey was fabulous.
  9. Watch all the Harry Potter films before we lists the Warner Bros. Studios on my birthday in September. Obviously we managed this and I LOVED my visit to the studios. Best place ever (apart from Disney World).
  10. Turn 26. Check. Thoughts here.
  11. Read. Check. So nice to chill out with a book. I got through three in a week on holiday!

So I think it was a great summer. Secretly glad to be back at work though. I was going stir crazy on my own!

K x


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