Well done Mum!

I’ve just come back from the weekly chore of food shopping (snore) and witnessed such a lovely thing between two Mums; I just had to write about it.

Walking into my local Aldi, a Mum was just ahead of me on her own with two boys, I’m guessing about two and five (ish). She clearly had the week’s shop to do, whilst also having to contend with two small boys who just wanted to run around. Younger brother was standing in the trolley and was making it very clear he didn’t want to be there. He had some lungs on him that’s for sure. Mum looked a little stressed it has to be said and I really felt for her.

But that’s when a lovely thing happened.

Another Mum doing her shopping with her daughter a few years older than the boys stopped and started talking to her. She congratulated her on what a good job she was doing and told her that it wouldn’t last forever and he would soon grow out of it. I couldn’t help but smile. It was so lovely to see one Mum supporting another, even if they were complete strangers.

Such a small thing made that horrendous trip around the supermarket a little easier. Well done Mum!

K x


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