F**k it, at least I can get pissed over Christmas

This is my current mantra.

Still no period. My bloods are normal so nothing is wrong with my hormones. Looks like my body just doesn’t agree with my brain about when I should have a baby. If my body could talk, we’d be having a blazing row right now.

My doctor did her best to put me at ease. She didn’t seem particularly worried about what’s going on which was encouraging, though she is sending me for an internal scan just to make sure everything is normal up there.

Her advice? Don’t stress. So now I’m thinking about not stressing which in turn causes more stress because if I am stressed about anything then I become more stressed that I’m stressing. Stressful.

Please come and visit Aunt Flow…

K x

3 thoughts on “F**k it, at least I can get pissed over Christmas

  1. Ashleigh says:

    Oh my love, I feel for you my sweet.
    I remember when we were trying for our first I wasn’t falling and I was giving up then I had a health scare and because my mind was pre-occupied I fell.

    I’m sending lots of baby dust, of course you are going to get stressed. Maybe look at booking a weekend away, try and see if that helps xxxx

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  2. readytomum says:

    Thank you! I’m trying to keep myself busy over Christmas – lots of little things organised which I’m hoping will help. How do you stop yourself thinking about it?! I don’t do it on purpose but I’m constantly reminded about it whenever I see a pregnant person or a baby 😩 x


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