Where not to go on holiday when trying to conceive

I had no idea that there would be so much research involved in deciding where to go on holiday this year.

All I wanted after a tough year was to go and lie on a peaceful beach in St. Lucia.

That would be a no.

Ok then, what about sipping a few margaritas in Mexico? Absolutely not.






No. No. No.

Why the hell not?

Zika. That’s why.

It is everywhere. And I had no idea of the effects it can have on women trying to conceive.

As the virus is transmitted through mosquito bites, it can infect the blood stream and cause serious health problems if you were to conceive a baby or if you are already pregnant. It just isn’t worth the risk to me, so I was left with the dreams of Cape Verde resorts being placed firmly in the ‘later in life’ box and a mission to find somewhere fabulous.

I exaggerate when I say it is everywhere; it really isn’t. But when your heart has been set on an all inclusive beach resort in Dom Rep, Playa de las Americas doesn’t seem quite as exciting anymore.

However, I was not to be defeated.

We got some advice from our local TUI travel Agent first and I then trawled through the many suggestions: Egypt, Canary Islands, Mainland Spain, then, Bingo.


Now I’m not saying I hadn’t thought of it myself already, I had, but I’d dismissed it. It sounded like an out-dated option. Did people still even holiday there? Apparently they do and it is one of the top spots for beach weddings. That has say something for the place doesn’t it? So I was warming up to the idea but I still wasn’t sold. I was desperate for that chilled out resort experience and I wasn’t convinced I could find it there. Until I came across the Alexander the Great Hotel in Paphos.

Full board. Check.

4 pools. Check.

On the beach. Check.

Nearby bars on the marina. Check.

And my favourite of all, reserved sun beds. Check. Yes, you read that correctly. No running to the pool at 7am to throw the towel on the bed whilst elbowing the faces of other sunbed-grabbing tourists. Epic win.

So that’s it. Booked.

I would highly suggest checking out the .Gov website if you are thinking of booking a holiday for the summer. Trying to conceive is hard enough without the stresses of the potential to contract something like Zika. Holidays in the Caribbean can wait but my broodiness simply can’t.

Roll on August 2018.

2 thoughts on “Where not to go on holiday when trying to conceive

  1. BYOBaby says:

    Glad that you discovered a small slice of Zika-free paradise! We actually just got back from the Bahamas and it was amazing (albeit filled with pregnant women, or so I felt). We learned that they were cleared of Zika in February of this year, so hopefully it’s phasing out and all of us TTConceivers will be free to travel again!

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