Patience is a virtue. Then I’m clearly going to hell (and I’m taking a load of Prolactin with me apparently).

A nice relaxing picture of a sunset from my holidays for this post as I’m currently trying to let it inspire my mood. Channelling all calm and relaxed energies…

I’m finally being referred to the Fertility Clinic (YAYY!) but my appointment is not until October (BOO!). OCTOBER. And on booking the appointment, they very helpfully inform you that 9/10 patient begin treatment within 17 weeks. 17. So that’s over for months, on top of the 6 week wait for the first appointment to even see someone. So we could be talking 6 months before anything actually gets done.

That really is a bummer.

To other people, that might not seem too long and I should probably just be happy that my Drs are finally doing something. Which I am. But when you’ve already been trying for 18 months, another 6 seems like a lifetime.

On top of that, one of my recent blood tests came back as having raised Prolactin levels. This is basically a hormone that increases when you are pregnant but shouldn’t be high before hand. It can prevent your uterus from building up the lining needed for the egg to implant itself. It can be caused by polycystic ovaries, which I have, and can also be treated with medication.

Positive Katie is screaming, “THIS IS A GOOD THING! NOW WE MIGHT KNOW WHAT’S WRONG!” Negative Katie is moping because we won’t know this until we actually have an appointment at the clinic and find out for sure which, did I tell you, isn’t until October.

My Dr has asked me to repeat the blood test to see if the result is a consistent one. Then I don’t know what happens apart from, just in case I failed to mention it earlier, WAITING UNTIL OCTOBER.

I can only hope for my sanity that I fall pregnant before then.

K x


6 thoughts on “Patience is a virtue. Then I’m clearly going to hell (and I’m taking a load of Prolactin with me apparently).

  1. Confuzzled Bev says:

    I had high prolactin a few times and was hoping that would turn out to be the answer, then I had to have two blood tests taken half an hour apart and in the second one after half an hour my prolactin was normal. Apparently something as simple as the half hour journey to the clinic raised my prolactin even though I wasn’t aware of feeling stressed or anxious. Bodies/hormones are weird! I hope it does turn out to be the answer for you though – having answers is so much better than having none!


      • Confuzzled Bev says:

        It is really odd – I had no idea either! That and slightly raised TSH levels were the only things they ever found for me. My official diagnosis is “unexplained infertility”, although my doctor had a slight suspicion that it was to do with my eggs not responding properly to hormones and thus being poor quality/not properly matured. There’s no way of checking that but after a medicated IUI cycle I am now finally pregnant so I believe it really was my eggs and the injected hormones was the additional kick my eggs needed to mature properly. I really hope you get a proper answer and if it is prolactin then at least it’s easily treatable 🙂 Not knowing is so frustrating!


      • readytomum says:

        Sorry I haven’t responded in so long – I’ve been taking a break from blogging for a while. I was diagnosed today with the same “unexplained infertility” and we have also opted for the IUI. How did you find it? I’m a little nervous!


      • Confuzzled Bev says:

        I wasn’t a fan of the injections but I did mostly ok. The actual insemination was strange but honestly fine. Sadly we lost our twins at 16+4 weeks due to an infection so I’m about to start another IUI cycle.


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