Who gets the blues ON holiday? Me.

I’ve just returned from sunny Cyprus and I’ve truly had an amazing holiday, but it didn’t come without a sting right in the middle of it.

I was due on 4 days in and although I wanted to drink silly amounts of cocktails, I was really hoping it would be the best holiday of all time and I’d be able to say I was pregnant. No such luck.

I can only be thankful that I was on holiday because it’s hard not to be happy surrounded by the beautiful ocean.

Yet every time I felt a little ‘normal’ not thinking about the fact I still wasn’t pregnant and hating life a little bit for that, some family with a gorgeous little baby or toddler would walk past or play lovingly in the pool. Damn all you wonderful families for whom I am very happy and not jealous of in the slightest.

So I’m sat in a beautiful country, in beautiful sunshine, having eaten a wonderful lunch drinking some lovely Prosecco and all I can do is sit there and have a little mope for not yet being pregnant. Does that make me totally ungrateful? And here begins the onslaught of the head vs heart debate which occurs every month when my period comes.

Should I be feeling this crappy every time or do I need to just pull myself together? Urgh. In the words of Destiny’s Child, it’s just emotion taken me over, caught up in sorrow… (Sorry, can’t resist a cheesy lyric, particularly one which involves Queen B.)

The cocktails were pretty good though.

K x

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