It’s been a while… in more ways than one

I've gone AWOL for a while. I haven't posted, primarily because I've had nothing to post about. Literally nothing. I haven't had a period since August but I'm not pregnant. No period = no chance of babies. This is torture. There is nothing I can do but wait. I've been to the Doctor to have … Continue reading It’s been a while… in more ways than one


Well done Mum!

I've just come back from the weekly chore of food shopping (snore) and witnessed such a lovely thing between two Mums; I just had to write about it. Walking into my local Aldi, a Mum was just ahead of me on her own with two boys, I'm guessing about two and five (ish). She clearly … Continue reading Well done Mum!

Turning 26

I've always loved my birthday. I think there's a number of reasons for that really. First of all, we always end up eating out which is a favourite pastime of mine. Secondly, Husband and I make time for each other on our birthdays and usually go away somewhere for it. And thirdly, it usually lands … Continue reading Turning 26

Baby Talk

I've recently been on holiday on Turkey which I have to say was incredible. I ate. I drank. I read. I relaxed. I laughed. It was just what I needed. BUT. How many conversations somehow lead back to babies?!?!?!? "Isn't it hot today?"... "It is but I wouldn't want to be that pregnant lady over … Continue reading Baby Talk